Electron transfer across proteins plays an important role in many biological processes, including those relevant for the conversion of solar photons to chemical energy. Previous studies demonstrated the generation of photocurrents upon light irradiation in a number of photoactive proteins, such as photosystem I or bacteriorhodopsin. Here, it is shown that Sn-cytochrome c layers act as reversible and efficient photoelectrochemical switches upon integration into large-area solid-state junctions. Photocurrents are observed both in the Soret band (λ = 405 nm) and in the Q band (λ = 535 nm), with current on/off ratios reaching values of up to 25. The underlying modulation in charge-transfer rate is attributed to a hole-transport channel created by the photoexcitation of the Sn-porphyrin.

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Nakamaru, S., Scholz, F., Ford, W. E., Goto, Y., & von Wrochem, F. (2017). Photoswitchable Sn‐Cyt c Solid‐State Devices. Advanced Materials29(22), 1605924. (Link)


Hg-Drop Measurementのサンプルの作成(金, SAM, タンパク質固定), 光電流やサンプルのActionSpectrumの測定とその解析, 考察を行なった. 測定手法については, Florian von Wrochem氏, Frank Scholz氏のご指導をいただいた. またXPS の測定と解析については, Florian von Wrochem氏, William . Ford氏が担当した. 実験に用いたタンパク質サンプルはYoshio Goto氏, Seiji Yamada氏が用意した. また理論構成についてはYuichi Tokita氏からも多くのご助言をいただいた.


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Tokita, Y., Goto, Y., Luo, W., Nakamaru, S. & Yamada, S. (2014). U.S. Patent Application No. 14/119,130


Advanced Scienc News, Photoswitchable Sn-cytochrome c Solid-State Devices, 2017